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Vagal Nerve Stimulator Management

Vagal Nerve Stimulator Management

San Jose Pacific Neurology Center offers Vagal Nerve Stimulator Management for the treatment of epilepsy.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Benefits

The Vagal Nerve Stimulator Management is ideal for patients with uncontrolled seizures and who have not responded to anti-convulsant medications, the ketogenic diet and/or epilepsy surgery. Th treatment involves application of mild electrical stimulation to the brain from an electrical device similar to a pacemaker that is typically implanted under the skin on the left side of the chest. The electrical impulses are sent to the brain through a lead that is attached to the vagus nerve in the neck area. This aims to reduce the number of epileptic seizures and make them less severe. Stimulation occurs every 5 minutes with a 30-second duration.

Stimulation settings will gradually increase over a number of weeks to get you used to the stimulation over time. Below are the key benefits of Vagal Nerve Stimulator Management:

  • Lesser or fewer epileptic seizures
  • Having less severe seizures or shorter seizures
  • Improves quality of life for people with epilepsy

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We were impressed by the level of care that the neurology team at San Jose Pacific Neurology Care had provided my husband. Thank you!


Dr. Raj has been my neurologist for many years and he has seen me through epileptic seizures. I’m so grateful and thankful for all the care, support and advice he has given me all these years.


The compassionate care that my wife received from the team at San Jose Pacific Neurology Center helped improved our quality of life. My family will always be grateful to the whole neurology team.


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