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Scheduling A Sleep Study In San Jose, CA

San Jose Pacific Neurology Center offers advanced sleep medicine to help people suffering from sleep disorders have a deep, restful sleep.

Sleep Disorders

Whether you suffer from a sleep disorder, such as insomnia, or can’t remember the last time you woke up from a restful sleep, San Jose Pacific Neurology can assist you in getting the quality, deep sleep that you need. Under the direction of Dr. Raj Gupta, who has board certification in neurology and sleep medicine from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, we treat all sleep disorders, including insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy and restless leg syndrome. Our new state-of-the-art sleep lab uses the latest in medical technology for the treatment of patients with sleep disorders in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

A research by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) has revealed that an estimated 40 million or more Americans suffer from sleep disorder every year.

Some sleep problems can be easily addressed through minor behavioral modifications, such as avoiding or eliminating caffeine from the diet, acquiring proper sleep habits and engaging in relaxation activities to help decreases the effects of stress on the mind and body. There are patients with more serious sleep disorders that require proper diagnoses and professional treatment. Below are some of the most common sleep disorders:

  • Insomnia
  • Narcolepsy
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Sleep apnea
  • Sleep walking

Sleep Lab

During your consultation with Dr. Gupta, you will be evaluated regarding your sleep for proper diagnoses and may be scheduled for a sleep study at our sleep lab.

During a sleep study at San Jose Pacific Neurology, your accommodations will include private bedroom designed to relax your mind and body. While you are asleep, our trained technicians will monitor your breathing, heartbeat and oxygen levels to help Dr. Gupta in developing an accurate diagnosis regarding your sleep disorder.

Following your study, Dr. Gupta will review and discuss the results with you and make treatment recommendations. Most of our patients experience life-altering improvements almost immediately after their sleep disorder is treated.

This is the first sleep lab in East San Jose in a class-A medical building with quality equipment (Alice 5)M and experienced sleep technologist.

  • CPT 95810 : All night diagnostic Polysomnogram
  • CPT 95811: Initiation of CPAP/BiPAP and Split Night Study
  • CPT 95806 : Home Sleep Apnea testing (HSAT)

What's Next?

If you believe that you could benefit from a sleep study then Call (408) 347-1600 San Jose Pacific Neurology Center to schedule your consultation in San Jose, CA.

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