What To Know About Sleep Medicine

Just about everyone struggles with a lack of sleep at one point or another, it can be so prevalent that it's sometimes easy to forget just how important sleep actually is. Not sleeping enough can have serious implications on every aspect of your life, so if you're having difficulty sleeping then it may be time to reach out to our San Jose, CA, sleep medicine specialist Dr. Raj Gupta, of the San Jose Pacific Neurology Center.

Sleep Disorders

Lack of sleep is much more than just not being able to go to bed on time, it can negatively affect your physical health, mood, and memory, and can leave you fatigued during the day.

Doctors who practice sleep medicine are specially trained in diagnosing, managing, and treating a wide variety of sleep disorders.

These disorders can include insomnia, parasomnia, sleep apnea, and restless leg syndrome, to name a few.

Treatment can include the use of medication, therapies, and special medical devices, as is the case with a CPAP machine in treating sleep apnea symptoms. Sleep disorders can affect you in different ways and so they are typically treated differently, it's why a diagnosis is so important.

It can be difficult for you to even know you are suffering from a sleep disorder, so one of the ways that sleep medicine professionals can secure a diagnosis is by conducting a sleep study.

During a sleep study, you sleep over at a lab so that special devices can monitor things like your oxygen levels, breathing, heart rate, brainwaves, and eye and leg movement, among others. This information can help your doctor detect any issues and assess the best treatment plan for your individual needs.

Sleep Medicine in San Jose, CA

If lack of sleep is affecting your everyday life then schedule a visit with our local sleep specialist physician at the San Jose Pacific Neurology Center, Dr. Gupta in San Jose, CA, by dialing (408) 347-1600.

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